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Reshaping Paradigms.

Inspiring Optimism.

Remaining Relevant.

The Fairly Group is a risk consulting firm advising clients throughout the U.S. and in over 100 countries in several business segments including Corporate Risk, Human Capital and Benefits, and a broad array of Risk Consulting specialties.

We are committed to finding ways to help our clients mitigate and manage risk while always challenging the paradigms that impede our mission.

You’ll Never Look At Risk The Same Way.

Protecting Assets. Decreasing Costs.

Adding Value Without Diminishing Quality.


Risk is a reality for every organization. The Fairly Group difference is our approach to evaluating and managing it.

This approach – inherent to our culture – is based on our belief that in order to reduce the cost of risk, it must be managed. Buying insurance is largely an exercise in financing risk, not managing it. And to our way of thinking, the issue of managing risk – truly managing risk – should get a lot more attention.

So, every day, our team is focused on finding creative and practical ways to drive down our client’s cost-of-risk. Central to this pursuit is a willingness to challenge archaic paradigms, and in doing so, we frequently discover fresh solutions that measurably move our client’s cost-of-risk needle.

It takes a winning attitude to meet the challenges of managing risk on a global scale.

Protecting Assets. Decreasing Costs.


Our class-specific expertise and longstanding relationships in the commercial insurance marketplace propel our team’s ability to structure robust, competitive risk protection programs specific to each client.

Our teams work across all business platforms, sharing their expertise and knowledge to ensure the solutions we present remain steps ahead of market standards.  

In addition, global relationships with partners like Willis Towers Watson (WTW) offer critical value in the commercial insurance arena. Working in concert with WTW allows Fairly Group to provide clients a stunningly broad spectrum of resources.

Maintaining Trust serves as the very foundation to serving our clients and protecting their resources and assets.

Adding Value Without Diminishing Quality.


Employee Benefits has lacked any relevant innovation in decades, and insurance-related expenses have become increasingly frustrating to corporate executives.  Brokers and politicians have been unsuccessful in their efforts to deliver solutions to corporate America’s dramatically rising healthcare costs…until now. 

The Fairly Group introduced our paradigm-changing ability to reduce medical costs into the Employee Benefits world.  Developed over the last fifteen years, our long-proven expertise is addressing the core issue to providing health care benefits and directly reducing our clients' medical costs.

We achieve results by focusing on managing the cost of risk instead of transferring the risk through insurance.

Innovation in employee benefits is alive and well at the Fairly Group.




Bill Creedon


“We are changing an archaic industry.”

Alex Fairly


“Reshaping Paradigms is less about paradigms and more about results.”

Our Story

One hundred years ago, the Ordway Saunders Agency was established in Amarillo, Texas and grew to be the largest insurance agency in the Texas Panhandle region. It went through several iterations of ownership, eventually becoming part of Willis Towers Watson, one of the world's largest publicly-traded insurance and risk management companies.

Through the years, especially during the Willis Towers Watson era, this Amarillo Team evolved into a nationally-recognized risk consulting practice who, alongside our clients, developed and helped execute paradigm-changing risk management practices that substantially reduced our client's insurance and overall cost of risk. Today, the clients who entrust us with their risk-related challenges are not only the leading companies in our region, but also a veritable who's who of iconic American companies. And their engagement in, and willingness to embrace bold new ideas - which we've developed together - have paid rewarding dividends.

On February 1, 2016 this Team - formerly the Amarillo office of Willis Towers Watson - acquired ourselves and became The Fairly Group. The transition allowed the operation to remain completely intact. It is the same team you've known and worked with over the years.

Yet we are a new company – a new paradigm.

A century after the founding of Ordway Saunders, we have become private again; as local as any, yet quintessentially global.

And since Willis Towers Watson retains a substantial interest in The Fairly Group, we will continue to deliver the vast resources associated with one of the world’s largest risk management platforms. Additionally, the new structure has allowed us to make substantial and immediate investments in expertise (people) and resources (technology).

The Fairly Group is again the largest insurance broker in the Texas Panhandle, advising clients in over 100 countries across the world in several business segments including Corporate Risk, Human Capital and Benefits, Insurance, and a broad array of Risk Consulting specialties.

More importantly, now more then ever, we’re committed to finding ways to help our clients mitigate and manage risk – and willing to challenge the paradigms that impede our mission.

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